How would you feel if you were turned into a vampire after getting bitten by one?

A vampire bites you in your neck but not to kill you... just when you're getting so weak, he turns you into one.

Like this (reporter is leaving but vampire Lestat bites him):

  • Miserble and I would hate my maker, he had no right to do that
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  • Happy since I can be immortal as long as I'm out of the daytime and like my maker
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  • Mixed feelings towards it and the vampire (hate and like maker at the same time)
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  • That would be so awesome. Put $100 into an interest bearing account, sleep for 100 years and wake up with... oh wait... $13,000? fuck it, I'm going to sleep for another 1000 years.

  • I wouldn't be really mad, but I would still want to kill my maker. he technically killed me and that shit don't fly with me