What can they do if you violated your probation for the third time?

My brother is 18 and he violated his probation for the third time because he didn't go to this school/program for a week. What could happen?


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  • Anytime you violate parole you can be locked up again

    • Like jdc?

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    • :( I hope not

    • Being 18 they'll treat him as an adult. They're even treating 16 year olds as adults and sending them to prison. It depends on what his sentence was because they'll lock him up somewhere for the remainder of his sentence

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  • he could get sent to juvy or to jail depending on how old he is

    • He already has to do 21 days in jdc , then he has a court date after.. Which I'm scared of

    • well he better get his act together otherwise he is going to end up in jail

    • Haha he just got out of jail cuz his friend stole a car and he left with him in it. But they are sending him to jdc Monday

  • Aliens might abduct him and take him to outer space

    • I don't want that to happen :((((( !!! Smart ass -.- lol

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    • Why would you do that :(((((((( !!! You're horrible, Ima steal there ufo. They are not taking my brother

    • It's out of my hands now sorry.

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