My computer switched on from 4 days, Is it normal?

My computer is switched on since last 4.5 days continuously, because I am downloading a large file of 55.1 GB and for now my internet is very slow, it's 910.85 Kb/s, and hangs sometimes. Also now I am playing video games from last 4 hours... Is it fine? ... or I should pause the download and turn it off?


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  • As long you have enough ram (4gbs should do the job) you should be able to run that #Biatchh for 15 days in a row if needed. Well as long as it doesn't overheat via hot room that is (I'm talking like 115F).

    • It's temperature shows 36 Celsius and while gaming it goes 41 Celsius. I have 8 GB RAM. Right now 34.

    • You're all good to go then man since a computer can operate up to like 80C depending on the component LOL

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