Why is it most Atheists tend to get really angry and defensive when you discuss religion?

Me and a group of friends thought we'd discuss religion for a while. Most of us are agnostic but one two were Christian. I'm agnostic.

We found the conversation interesting and it was fun and engaging hearing each others perspectives.

One very common thing all of us share is our interaction with atheists. Any time you have a discussion about religion God or even atheist beliefs with an atheist. They almost always seem to get angry and defensive and try to end the discussion with their opinion even though it lacks support.

I thought this would be interesting
Charles Darwin great granddaughter converting to Catholicism after weighing atheist argumentation vs Christian


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  • I believe in God and i enjoy dicussing other peoples beliefs and faith. I tend not to be drawn into a debate with Athesists because the ones i have come across are very confrontational and aggressive. I find everytime i ask a logical question they become defensive and angry, it seems to be because they don't have an answer so they become aggressive so as to avoid having to respond with a reasonable logically answer.

    I am very interested in the reasoning for their belief but talking to them is futile. They don't believe in God but can't explain why so start to fight and attack


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  • because both christians and atheists are oftentimes single minded, unwilling to evem consider the other option, and generally always try to play "holier than thou".

    The two anons in here just prove it so far. One of the core rules of science is that Absence of evidence does NOT equal evidence of absence!
    In fact, seveal scerious scientific theories have plenty of room for an omnipotent being AND a creator. For example, how did the first particles of big bang come into existance? Your very own laws of nature state you can't make matter out of nothing, and nothing out of matter.
    The string theory; it implies there are dimensions above the 3rd we live in (some argue time is the 4th one, and that we can observe it), and it is also fundamental that a 3d being can affect 2d and 1d. Wouldn't thus say a creature in the 6th dimension (to take one be able to affect ours? And since we do not know what the 4th, 5th, and 6th does, then he or she could very well seem like a god to us. To make it more understanding; Let's say thr 4th dimension is time (anyone living in 4th dimension can bend time), 5th dimension is space (anyone living in it can bend space), and 6th dimension is relativity itself (meaning anyone in the 6th dminension can bend existence, and break the law of turning matter into nothing, and nothing into matter).
    A 6th dimensional being would thus very much seem like a god to us.
    Oh, and about heaven and hell? What if the multiverse is real? And that one or more of them is heaven or hell? or maybe a 6dimensional being simply used his powers to create heaven and hell?

    So the whole point of this is to prove that
    1. Science DOES have plenty of room for an omnipotent being, but doe to its nature it can at current time NOT be proven wrong nor right.
    2. That means that ALL claims of "i know" by both atheists and theists are moot. Because the only thing we know is that we don't know.

    Damn, i hate arguing with zealots...


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  • I disagree, I'm an atheist myself and I know a lot of other people who are and the only reason I would get angry when discussing religion is when people are starting to tell me how "stupid" and "naive" I am to not believe in god. See, as an atheist I respect people's opinion who believe so I would like them to respect my opinion, too.
    It's actually quite simple and that's really all there is to it.
    by the way I usually found religious people to get way more furious about religious talks and especially when it comes to the question as to what religion is the right one smh, just saying.

    • meh, both sides got zealots who love to be loud and obnoxious. The apples that spoil the barrel, so to speak.

      But seriously though, the worst think you can do is get angry at those people. Just tell them it's their opinion, and walk away. You are litterally arguing with a wall, and you will get nothing except more hate for atheists out of it.

    • I don't usually argue with them, one time my girl in my class told me I will go to hell for not believing in God and I just replied that I will sit right next to satan in the first row then :P I don't really give a shit but you have to agree that it can be quite annoying if they don't leave you alone just because they feel like it's their mission to make everyone on earth convert to their religion. @dartmaul15

    • Honestly... that last statement applies for some atheists too.
      And i said zealots, because both sides act like it at times. And both sides go for those who allready oppose them, not those who try to seek them out but can't.
      It is anoying indeed when they can't shut the fuck up and move on with their lives.

      But i digress.
      Just leave people like that alone. The bible actually teaches you to test your faith, not blindly throw it arround like a shield to protect yourself from what you don't like. Also it preaches forgiveness and acting like a god person. Only God can judge.
      So chick wasn't even following her own faith XD

  • I as an athiest hate talking about religion because a lot of people Try to convert me. A lot of the phrase "so your not afraid of going to hell".
    A lot of questioning my moral system, which is annoying because I think I'm a pretty good person. So I just avoid it

  • I hope you realize religious people do this too when their belief is questioned. Because that's essentially what happens when a religious/agnostic person discusses their beliefs with an atheist. You can't have a discussion like that without either directly or indirectly questioning each other's beliefs, since they're different from each other. I think every opinion concerning religion, atheist or religious, lacks support. Nobody knows for sure what really goes on since we don't have the answers to everything. Religious people and atheists can be equally arrogant when it comes to their views. This is why I call myself an agnostic atheist, I don't believe in God/Gods but I don't completely dismiss the idea of it since I can't know for sure what the truth is.

    The reason you found the conversation engaging and fun was because all of you have similar views. The people in your group were either Christian or agnostic, so it's less likely for you to butt heads. But when two people from either side of the spectrum have to talk to each other about their views, it's kind of inevitable that they're going to butt heads at some point due to difference in opinion. That's only natural.

  • I think that sometimes they're on the defense because they feel like a religious person is trying to shove their religion down their throat. Other times, they tend to just be egotistical, arrogant, wanna be know it alls who look down on anyone that doesn't agree with their viewpoint. Those athiests can't handle someone confidently, boldly disagreeing with the.

  • Ignoring the fact I've never actually MET a really bad atheist, I'd like to ask how it is you think Christians are not the same?

    In the area I live in, if I say I'm an atheist I get told I'm a "devil worshipper who will burn in hell" even though I never try to start anything.

    But.. Okay. Whatever. I give.

  • I have found the same with some atheists though not all. I think they get defensive and angry because they think "no one can be as smart as me and figure out that God isn't real and anyone who believes that is stupid" which is a really intolerant view. You shouldn't view people as stupid because they have a different religious perspective.

  • I'm agnostic too and have always wondered the same thing. Why is it that one group gets a hell of a lot more defensive than the other? :T

    • Yeah, beats me. I've met Christians lille this but most Christians are more than happy to discuss God and share their beliefs and say why they don't believe something else.

      I've met atheists whom are ready to punch you if you provide a rebuttal to their argument

  • That's so true. It's actually kind of annoying

  • Atheism is swiftly becoming it's own religion. The strong faith in the idea that something does not exist. You must have faith for this, to believe something with no evidence to support it. I find atheism an arrogant standpoint, how very ignorant to believe you know everything.

    • One could say the same about religion...

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    • Atheism is not about beliefs. We do not "believe" that God does not exist. For us there is just no god because there is no way to prove it's there. It is also irrelevant to us. What if we said God had sibblings and we didn't agree on that. What would be the point of argumenting on something that has no impact on our lives whatsoever and can't be proven anyway? There is nothing to be gained in believing in a god that we imagined ourselves. People lived happy lives before God was invented as do atheists today. What's the point in religion? That is pretty much the standpoint of atheism

    • @JuicyBrain it's about the lack of belief, so to me that means it is about belief.

      What I don't understand is why people choose atheism over agnosticism. Maybe I'm failing to grasp the basic principles of both but it just seems a no brainer.

  • Because back then we used to kill them and they are still butthurt over it


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  • They are very dogmatic in that way I have noticed as well, I am also agnostic. There is no evidence for god just as there is not evidence that there isn't. Perhaps its the uncertanty of it though I think most are people who have come to atheisism because of either bad experiences or resentment. I have noticed that most of them will immediatley try to prove the nonexistence of god by quoting the bible as if it was not only the only religious text/religion but as if religoin and god where interdependent and to "disprove" religion would some how prove god doesn't exist. We don't even have a consenses on the definiton of god so how could you even (dis) prove it is beyond me. So yeah, I think its bad experiences or because they grew up religious and then questioned there faith and felt like they had been lied to there entire life. I have a friend who is atheist who doesn't care, literaly could care less if someone is religious or not (barring those who try and shove it down your throat) but then he was raised without religion, atheist or otherwise.

  • Because believers are infuriating.
    They mix up beliefs and truths and proofs all the time.
    You show them proofs, they don't believe in them.
    They show you obvious coincidences, they use them as proofs. They hold the existence of God as truth, yet they can't prove it. The worst is when they feel superior because they think morality is exclusive to their religion. They keep telling people what to do even if they can't explain themselves why they should do it.
    -A women should be a virgin until marriage.
    -Because it's written in a book.
    -Why was it written in a book?
    -Do not question God.
    They believe that god waste his time making them win the lottery or get a job interview. Yet, God has no time to help starving children elsewhere in the world.
    There is nothing more alienating than having a conversation with a believer.

    • "God has no time to help starving children elsewhere in the world."
      Don't question his mysterious ways! lol

    • @bubble_tea Exactly ! lol

      It doesn't mean that I can't get along with christians though. Just the ones who are not contemptuous and won't frown on me for being a heathen (which can happen with atheists too I'll grant you this one). If you can use logical arguments based on facts, then we can have fun. Else, I'll just roll my eyes and go talk to someone else... If you try to convince me that evolution is a myth, I'll be far away before the end of your sentence.

  • I question just who you were talking to and what the topics of discussion were. I am an atheist. Myst of my friends are atheists. We have "Ask An Atheist" booths at local events. I cannot recall a time ever where one of our members got "angry and defensive." It was usually the Christians who did that. When they get so locked into a religious dogma, they aren't open to the possibility they could be wrong and they dismiss evidence that the things they believe (like the earth is only about 6,000 years old) are wrong and storm off. But show me scientific evidence that it is and then we can have a conversation. So far, none have been able to do that other than quoting Bible verses. That is NOT evidence.

  • The Bible says there is no such thing as atheists.


    • Exactly what i mean. Mocking like a child rather than actually engaging in debate

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    • I knew there was something fishy about those Greeks! They always seemed too good to be true.

    • That hair LOL! It looks like his hair is electrified.

  • If an atheist talks politely then he is reasonable but if he or she starts cursing and insulting u know immediately that he is weak and I really feel srry for atheists like what's there proof

  • I think that it is because many atheists know that the whole "big band and evolution thing" is not as clear as they thought. They are insecure about their beliefs and I think the reason some of them are atheists is because they don't want God to exist, rather than because they have evidence for it.

    • Any atheist with half a brain will tell you. There is no proof that god doesn't exist. Just as much as there is no proof he does exist. God is simply irrelevant. We don't need to think of him and he doesn't need to think of us. So wondering about the existence of God is completely useless and should in no way influence our lives. Why the hell would such a powerful being want a woman to be a virgin on her wedding day? If that's what he wanted, he could make it so with the blink of an eye. But why would he care? Do you often stop near an ants nest on the side of the road to wonder if a particular ant got married before it had sex? What would be the point?

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    • @JuicyBrain Even though I think you have a point there I also think there are other things that come into play. I. e if you're partner is a virgin when you have sex for the first time you don't have worry about if she/he has had bigger/better/sexier partners in the past. Since you know you are his/her first you know that you most likely not will disappoint and you won't be compared to past sexual partners.

    • It's exactly what I meant... zero expectations. It doesn't mean that the sex is better, it just means that you don't know better.

  • We don't. Only the angry and defensive ones do that.

  • That will be the day convincing me the tooth fairy is real and has a castle in the clouds.

  • :D Yanacaksın. d

  • "Even though it lacks support"
    Hahaha. Well we already know your not too bright.

  • Imagine you are talking with a group of adults who are truly, honestly discussing whether Santa Claus is real.

    I think what you are seeing is disdain, frustration and disappointment.

    This from someone who considers himself a deist.

    • Santa claus and God aren't comparable topics. Mockery doesn't go anywhere for deep intellectual conversations and is the kind if method that atheists use to not engage in calm collective debates.

      We've mapped out every square cm of the north pole, we even know precisely where Santa should apparently live. We don't approach the God question the same way so i enjoyed talking with the Christians because they were actually interested to discuss things

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    • I'm trying to give you an atheist's POV. I don't agree with them but I understand their frustration. That is the question you asked, why do they act as they do? I'd say frustration and disappointment.

    • dartmaul15 You can't prove Santa Claus isn't real either. You can prove he doesn't have a castle you can see at the North Pole but that doesn't prove he doesn't exist, only that one of the aspects he was thought to have is not true. You could say the same of God.