Is it weird to have napolean complex at 5'11?

I am in india at 5'11 and surprisingly short compared to the people i see at the univ. Its like 6'2'' is the normal height or sth these days. I sometimes even see girls taller than me and most are 5'8-5'8. And if this is the case in india, that would make a midget compared to westerners. Its frustrating ugghhhh.


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  • indian girls are not that tall.. nor are the guys...

    • don't kid me. If at 180 cm, i can actually feel short, then yeah, people are tall here.

    • maybe you just think about it a lot and that's why you feel like this..

    • yup, have been thinking about it quite a lot over the past week or so because it really does surprise me. Are u in bengal or sth, coz i guess people are a little shorter there. Out here in delhi, 6' is almost like a joke of a height lol

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  • The Napoleon complex doesn't exist first of all. I don't know what the average height is in India but in America the average height is like 5'10 5'11. Either way it's all bullshit.

    • the average height in india is supposedly 5'5. It probably is but that is a statistical average which includes the plethora of malnourished people too. It does surprise me a lot that i am short at 180 cm.

    • I'm sorry but I don't feel like you're short. Regardless the Napoleon complex only exist if you want it to.

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  • The average male in the US is 5-10

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