Why is it often argued that 'pains of imprisonment' are particularly more severe for women?

In other words, why do you think women find it harder to deal with prison than men?

Do you think it's to do with their shattered family ties? their Biological Clock? Losing children? Pronounced vulnerability?


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  • wow, thats a great question.
    women are just in general more emotional than men. and we are talkers. we like and feel the need to talk about our feelings. i guess in prison you CAN, but its not that easy. you get close to people, but not in the same way you would outside.
    it probably does have a lot to do with their bioogical clock, too. that makes a lot of sense. and if they already have a family, it will probably do some serious damage to not be around for them.

    • Actually studies suggest that women tend to internalise stress whereas men tend to externalise stress. This is why men are likely to get involved in aggressive and combative behaviour in prison, and women are more likely to self-harm (cutting, carving and burning). Women also tend to be more at risk of suicide than men.

      Yes, in terms of the Biological Clock, men know they can still form a family when they leave prison, whereas women know that by the time they reach their 40s/50s they won't be able to.

      Men, in prison, tend to avoid help and support because it is deemed a sign of weakness and it can affect the male ego.

      Women are more open to rehabilitative programs because they know that if they do they'll pave the way for a better future.

  • i suggest doing a good, long search on google for some nice, solid academic articles to really sink your teeth into the topic. but there's a top-ten article here that tells you a lot ABOUT the women that go into the prison system - and why they might experience more pain than men, who go into the prison system for different reasons (a majority of the time). so here you go:


    i hope this answers your question. i'm reading it now and it's very telling, with a long list of sources to back it up!

    • I've already read it twice over, it was the first bit of research evidence I stumbled on. But yes it's a very telling article.

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