What do you do when you aren't too happy about your life?

im a weird place in my life right now and im not sure how to deal with it.

from January to June i was went to university, but i have been home for soon 2 months without actually doing anything. I went on holiday for 10 days, i lost my best friend, i haven't hung out with anyone else of my other friends (they haven't taken contact and i haven't been up for hanging out with them), i work out, i barely work (very slow at the hotel) and my plan of casually dating someone didn't work out (i met someone, but i wasn't feeling it)

So most of the days i dont really do anything.. 50% of the time im fine with it because im moving in three weeks, but the other 50% of me feels a bit depressed and discouraged by my situation.. Im not sure if im happy with my situation

Any advice on how to feel a bit better about my situation?


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  • Find some hobbies, learn something, and figure out what helps you keep your mind positive.

    • but the thing is i don know where to start.. most thing cost money and since i barely work im broke most of the time..

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    • i guess i could go to the library.. and there is no point in getting a new job, when im not going to live her in three weeks.. and i guess i could volunteer for something

    • Ohh yeah thats right, sorry it completely slipped my mind that you're moving. Well start packing, spend time with anyone you have any bonds with. Let whoever you'll miss know how you feel.

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