Why do people here like to influence you?

do they not have any friends or family? this is just strangers on a website... who cares? and people will respond, "well they're only human..." erm. no. I don't think peple get on like this generally, and perhaps that's why most people here complain about being bullied, because they act weird.


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  • Why are you such a bitter, lonely dickhead?

    • because you have a social condition... and post on anonymous because you have strong confidence..

    • Yeah, you post that same insult to every person on here, I think YOU'RE the one with Aspergers.

    • not really, but i know you have some condition... hence your presence here and now. But OK, i'm not really bothered. i don't owe you anything lolol.

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  • A lot of people want to change the world. Indeed, that involves influencing many strangers. Their friends and family might not listen to them. But that's just one theory...

    • ok... but then yep it's all fine because people have to listen to others they don't know nor care about.. lol.

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    • I'm sorry, what? If I have an opinion, I'll share it, no bullshit. Due to the phrasing of your question and reply, I don't really understand what it is you're trying to tell me.

      For the record, I don't reckon anyone should have to accept anyone else's influence. We should all stand for what we believe in, no more, no less.

    • Clear here you're mind blind but ok

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