If you can have a superpower what would it be?

I want Phoenix's super power from X-men (Jean's alter ego). She possessed telepathic powers enabling her to read minds, project her thoughts into the minds of others, initiate astral travel, and mentally stun opponents with pure psionic force, among other talents. She also possessed telekinesis, allowing her to levitate and manipulate objects and others, generate force fields, fly, and stimulate heat molecules to generate concussive blasts. Her powers were magnified to near-infinite levels while she served as an avatar for the cosmic Phoenix Force. She was able to manipulate matter and energy on a molecular scale. What's yours? :D


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  • Teleportation. In my regular life it would be so bloody useful (no commute etc).
    And in a fictional setting I think the basic "poof-stab-poof" is downright overpowered.

    • Kinda reminds me of night crawler. It seems pretty useful unless what you're up against is an invisible person, then that won't work. Or at least be much harder

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    • uhhh how dare you! I will crush you just like Phoenix did to professor X before the poison takes effect!

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  • String powers forever! (I'm quite sure I've been through this before but I'll do it again anyway :) )
    ~Control people like puppets through parasitic strings
    ~The strings are unbreakable, very thin and sharp, so you I can use them to cut through almost anything like elongated claws, or by wrapping the strings around something and tightening.
    ~Make a clone completely out of string and send it off to do your work
    ~Fly (almost) by attaching strings to things!
    ~Make a whip out of your hand by combining strings
    ~Shoot a single string out of your finger to shoot people, no need for guns ;)
    Pretty cool, eh?

    • Sorry, didn't see the question. Didn't know it was already posted on here

    • No it's fine. It's good to have fresh answers :)

  • Read people's mind on what they are thinking, see into the future
    Be able to heal people who are sick..


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  • i would be able to bend fire..

  • I would just have a zapper that shoots out of my hands and obliterates idiots who have stupid & random opinions.