Pissed off seeing so many people moving on & going about life like it is easy. Dating, marrying, careers friends, experiences, meeting every goal?

How do people get so much success?
It seems pretty normal for everybody except me. I have always been pretty quiet, but that was because of other people and what my interests were compared to theirs, or because i mostly was around successful students as co- workers where i met most people that i know (or at this point knew), but never really felt comfortable around because i wa socially unsuccessful. Seems like unsuccessful people, no matter how many successes they get nowhere. And nobody wants them.

What do i have to do to be successful on this damned planet? I find it so hard to find any success or feel normal around other people. I dont know how to become successful unto myself


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  • A few things...

    Don't compare your life to others. It may look great on the other side but what ur seeing is the results of success. u don't know about the rainy days: the lengthy waiting process, cancellations, rejections, sleepless nights, etc.

    Anyone can achieve success by: working their ass off & never give up.

    Happiness comes from within. YOU have to make your life enjoyable.

    I use to do the exact thing you're doing then I just started (1) Appreciating my life (2) not paying attention to others and go at my own pace (3) set goals that I want for myself and work hard to achieve them... and feel damn good when I achieve them


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  • I can't tell you how to succeed, cause if I could, I'd be making millions advising people on some other website :D Basically, hang out with someone you love, don't be a douche, and find something you don't hate doing that someone's willing to pay you for.
    All in all,
    If there was any one perfect road to success, there'd be one hell of a traffic jam.

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