Is it a good thing that america is becoming more diverse?

I want to hear peoples thoughts on america becoming less white. Is it good, bad, doesn't even matter. Will race relations improve because of this. Will things get worse. I justcwant to know any and all opinions on this matter.


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  • I think its good. new people - new ideas. New cultures -new knolegde.


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  • It's a good thing, because it helps people understand, learn and empathize with people who are different from them. Many countries lack diversity and it shows in the behaviour of the citizens who live there. When a person has no interaction with someone who is different from them, it creates a mystery in that person's mind about how "those people" are. This leads to the person to rely on stereotypes and "he say, she say" in order to get an idea of the other group. This route can easily lead to racist views if the person gets their information from bias sources.

    That's why I feel diversity is great, because instead of relying on others to tell you how different ethnicities are, you get to learn about them yourself.


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  • America has been becoming more diverse since 1492

  • Yes any increase in diversity is good but as it does the less tolerant groups will become hardcore so I think initially things will be worse. These changes don't happen overnight they usually integrate over years.