Do y'all got any tips on how I can come out of my shyness?

Today, I went with my mom to go to her friends house and it was this other lady was over here that I haven't seen in a long time. While she was talking to me all did was nod or say yeah or no or just one word because I'm shy and I don't talk to people that much and I was shaking too but I tried not to show it that much and I was looking down at my shoes a lot. So, do y'all got any tips on how I can come out of my shyness?


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  • You won't stop being shy overnight. It needs a lot of time and persistance.
    You should try to talk to as many people as you can and challenge yourself to keep the conversation going. Don't wonder what the people you talk to may think about you. Shy people tend to over analyse this and end up worrying for nothing.
    You can also pick up a hobby such as taking singing lessons or doing theater.
    You can also try to improve your self image.


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  • y'all ;)

    Just be yourself. They're just people, those people are probably nice people. Relax and tell them what you think... what's the worst that can happen?

    • Thanks.

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    • I will try :P

    • If I was more than one Xper I'd message you and ramble about random crap to make you ramble about random crap too :p

      But ya, eye contact is important

  • I'm very shy myself but I have tried breaking out of it the first time I tried was a total flop I'll explain I was coming down from the library stairway I pumped myself up I was going to say hi to the next stranger that I saw. When I saw a lady walking by I said "Hi" well I whispered it she ended up looking over at me and saying "Excuse me?" It was mortifying I didn't want to continue the conversation the deal was I was just going to say hi then leave that was it but she was standing there and I couldn't just turn around and run away so I ended up saying "Hi" again then after she said it I hightailed it out of there.

    • That's good, thanks for answering and thanks for sharing your story :)

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    • Oh thanks I'll try it

    • wish you best of luck!!!

  • look people in the eye it show's confidents and sometimes it ok if you have nothing to say when talking to people

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