How to reach out for help when you don't want to?

My life is going downhill. Well, it already is quite far downhill but it's getting worse. I have no motivation for anything. I barely have motivation to brush my teeth every week or so (I know, I feel disgusting and I feel depressed when I put off hygiene further but I can't help it, as ridiculous as that sounds). I'm too scared to do anything. I know that I need to book an appointment with my therapist but anxiety has taken hold. I try to do an activity but I get bored very easily. Everything is boring. Life is boring. Everything that a normal human should be able to do, I can't because I'm a patheic coward who won't amount to anything. It just seems like the best thing to do is end it. What's the point if I'm just going to be a depressed, scared little child? I hate talking but apparently that's the only way to fix this but I don't want to. It's not as easy as telling me "Just do it", otherwise I would be fine. Fuck, I hate myself.


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  • you have to make yourself do it for your own good.


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  • Social anxiety? Watch this video:

    Also, it seems that you don't have any activities/hobbies you enjoy. To find a hobby you really like, i first must know what kind of person you are. So would you mind describing yourself (personality and interests)? Can you also list your positive and negative traits (ask a family member, it's easier)?


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  • Talk to your doctor. I think you may have moderate depression.

    • i've already figured that one out thanks

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