Can someone step by step instruct me how to get project M (patt edition), I really would appreciate it, don't, don't reply (not trying to be mean) so?

Don't KNOW (for got to add)
Don't know don't reply, know then please reply


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  • Just type in project m in google, click on site and than the dl link and all instructions are there... they only have it for ntsc and Japanese version of games.

    • Yeah I went to the site & went to the downloads for it but there was a lot of files I didn't want to do anything I would regret (just wanted to download the right files needed so I could get on to the consul part)

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    • So EVERYTHING I need to get patt edition is all in the hackles file? (So download everything in that file?)


      This is some more help from smash boards... also tells you what to do if you encounter issues