Is it wrong or does this make me an emasculated beta male if I get sexually and romantically attractive to women who are protective?

of their men and doesn't let their genders limit them from trying to protect and save their loved ones?

Not only do I look for a woman who's very aesthetically beautiful by my standards, I also look for a woman who's brave enough to face her fears, protect their loved ones and save them. Basically, like a superhero sidekick/partner or an equal to me (that we both look after each other).

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  • Not at all. I like when the guy lets me do things for myself. I personally want a guy that's equal to me, would love that


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  • Oedipus was a king... so no I guess you could have "mummy issues" and still be alpha.

    • How does finding a protective and tenacious woman attractive signify that I have "mummy/mommy issues"? Damn, you internet users and jumping onto conclusions so quickly.

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    • And why do you ask me this question since my question is mostly about personality?

    • Answer and I should be able to explain.

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  • You like strong assertive women... good for you

    • Well I don't mind that type of women, as long as they still respect me as a man that can obviously still handle himself but still appreciates help from his woman when it's necessary.

    • If your a good match, that's all that matters

  • Man protect the women it's not the opposite. Check your test levels

  • Not wrong, but you are a beta.

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