Do you think I have every right to be angry about this?

So I've recently found out whilst I've been at University my dads let a 17 year old attempt to cut my dogs claws; I AM FURIOUS ABOUT IT! If you're not from UK you probably don't know how our education system works but I will try and explain. If you leave high school with basically no GCSEs you get put onto Level 1 at college, this is a really low level. The 17 year old is doing Animal Care level 1 and all you get taught on that level is how to clean cages out, I'm not even joking (I did level 1 myself). The guy is definitely not taught how to clip animals claws, yet my dad thinks its acceptable to let him attempt to cut my dogs. Apparently he tried to cut my big dogs nails and completely failed, imagine that ended badly? My poor dog would have been in Vets for a while to stop the bleeding. I feel like my dad has been such an idiot whilst I've been away from home, as you've probably gathered I'm a huge animal lover; I'm even doing a animal related degree at University.
I was going to choose Veterinary Nursing for my degree but changed my mind, so you can imagine how much I know about animals and how idiotic my dad was. Before anyone says 'he didn't hurt the dogs so its fine', my dad is stupid enough to let him attempt again so it definitely isn't fine.
Do you think I'm over reacting or do you think I have every right to be angry?

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  • I can understand your anger! My dog is my baby, if my mom or brother did this, I would blow a gasket! Not too many people understand how precious our animals are to us. It's like taking your human child to the doctor and they decide to clip their nails and made them bleed, like oops. Nobody would defend them then. Also your dad should have known better. I could understand if the dogs nails were clear maybe, and he watched. But it still would t me off, because he wasn't trained for that, and could hurt the pup.


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  • I think you are way overreacting over someone cutting your dogs claws. Give the kid a break at least someone has knowledge in animal care. I think you are being ignorant because you are to studying veterinary nursing. People have to start somewhere, and learn how to the job.

    Not like your dad did himself either.

    • I didn't confront him because I didn't want to knock his confidence doing animal care but when you haven't been taught to cut claws you shouldn't cut a dogs claws, especially when its not your dog.

    • Well just talk to your dad about the situation in a nice fashion. Tell him concerns about getting your dog getting his claws cut, with someone who hasn't trained, otherwise it will cause the animal big problems.

  • what about C calm down and go talk to your dad about it.

    • I am going to talk to him today, I've left it a few days so avoid a huge argument breaking out.

  • I didn't vote because my vote would be somewhere in between. You should be mad but at the same time you shouldn't sound like you want to kill the clipper 😆


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  • I get that you're mad about the dogs and mad at your dad, but to call him an idiot and all is pretty extreme.

    • My big dogs a Rottweiler meaning her claws are black, if he cut too far down she would have bled so much; also she's 11 years old (which is old for a Rott), if she bled too much her body might not handle it due to her age. It may seem I'm over reacting but the dog means everything to me and if he wanted someone to cut them he should have waited for me to come home from University or took her to a professional.