Should I confront him?

I don't get the whole point of this but we started off liking each other before anything sexual and once that phase came it became more of physical thing. But after finding out things about him and me feeling hurt I just wanted to hook up with no attachments. I was straightforward and he agreed but doesn't seem to get the idea of how that works. He still texts me like every other day to see how I'm doing and talks to me about his life when I see him just to hook up and calls me babe one time. I wasn't expecting that. Now he has me all confused, he has this girl he been with for years but tried to keep it on low and recently told me they're not together anymore but I still see pics of them hanging out. So I'm still doing my own thing but he's showing me his feelings and telling me he still has feelings for me. When I asked him we can be cool and talk about anything he said yea but not about guys. What's the point of hooking up when he still has feelings for me, and other people involve. What if one day I find someone and don't wanna be sexual with him anymore then what is he gonna still talk to me as friends?


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  • you should confront him.

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