Why am I drooling and sweating in my sleep?

I've been getting a lot less sleep, and whenever i do happen to fall asleep the next morning I wake up I realize there's drool and bit of sweat on the back of my neck.

I wouldn't worry about the drool if it was just a little dried on the corners of my mouth but i can feel on my pillow where it dried during my sleep (and it doesn't feel like just a little bit, and there's actually plenty of fresh that i have to wipe off)

There's not much sweating, so I'm not as worried about it, however it's not hot in my room so I'm not sure why this is happening either.


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  • are you sleeping facing up or down?

    • to the side.

    • hmm.. try taping your mouth shut before you go to bed tonight.

      totally kidding lol

      umm.. im actually not sure. usually what can cause people to drool/salivate more than usual is an influx of oxygen.

  • Something is causing you to sleep with your mouth open a lot maybe you're even snoring


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