Are they saying that I like him, OR that he likes me?

My colleagues from a campus club are confusing me.

We had an informal dinner that turned serious because our head (let's call him Alex) told us he has to make this big decision that would compromise his position and affect us all. He asked for our opinions individually and someone made me speak last. When I was about to start, Ben cracks this joke that I'm gonna say "I thought we had a chance together, Alex" and that's the reason why I'm always dressing up. I just passed it off as meaningless teasing because it was typical Ben. Everybody was suppressing giggles the whole time I was speaking and jokingly handing me tissue paper "in case I might cry". Wtf? I had the same opinion as everyone and I was probably the most unemotional. Alex was mostly quiet and trying to make them stop because they were distracting me.

A few days later, Alex posted in our Facebook group that he'd never leave us and that he loves us. Someone replied "Isabelle loves you too! Hahaha just kidding." I asked her personally what that meant, and she replied that she's not gonna answer that.

I remember that one day they bonded together and Alex opened up about personal stuff. They have inside jokes about it hinting that he really likes someone and it's miserable, but they never mention any names.

It would be unreasonable for them to assume that I like him at all because I'm completely normal with him. Also, it's nearly impossible that he likes me because he recently fell out of a "more than friends" friendship with someone who he was (is?) reaaaaally in love with, and even mentioned during the dinner that he's happy that she's happy. He's never even done or said anything to me to suggest that he has feelings for me.

I don't know, it just bothers me because it makes things awkward either way. They know that Alex and I aren't supposed to be encouraged romantically in any way because he


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  • If you're not supposed to be romantic, then what does it matter.


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  • you need to speak up!

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