How can I get more money?

So, I'm going to Cancun in a couple of months for a wedding. I don't have that much money and I wasn't really sure how to get more. So, I went to some garage sales and bought some stuff and put them on ebay. I also made a website with my mom because she is going to the wedding too and we are buying our stuff together (check it out @ ). Anyway, I wanted to know if there is other things I can do to get money fast. Because not only do I have to buy the tickets but I also have to buy passports, new clothes, wedding outfits, reagular body products and suitcases. Can you guy help me?


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  • Baby sit? Mow people's lawns? Shovel drive ways if its winter where you are? Teach piano or guitar? Tutor people in math, English, chemistry, physics? teach immigrants how to speak english?

  • Part time job (those with flexible schedule) or you could babysit maybe? or tutor or offer to walk someone's dog.. I don't know
    You could also do more with saving, refraining to buy stuff you don't really need for now so the money can be added up to the one you'd use for the wedding.