80s music poll: Favorite album by Hazell Dean/Russ Abbot/Rick Astley?

Some solo artists from da 80s…. wid Rick Astley being da most popular, mostly for da notorious prank (aka Rickrolling) wid his “Never Gonna Give You Up” song


now among da choices here…I’d go wid Hazell Dean’s “Always”…. love its late-80s dance sound :D :D

  • The Sound of Bacharach & David (Hazell Dean)
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  • Heart First (Hazell Dean)
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  • Always (Hazell Dean)
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  • Russ Abbot's Madhouse (Russ Abbot)
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  • I Love A Party (Russ Abbot)
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  • Whenever You Need Somebody (Rick Astley)
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  • Hold Me in Your Arms (Rick Astley)
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  • Unusually I remember all 2 - Russ Abbott I was never a fan of funny "parody" music - Hazell Dean and Rick Astley just reminds me of that Stock, Aiken and Waterman genre of music which I hated so I abstain on this vote due to no preference.