How to get your imagination back?

My Imagination been gone for a while and I been trying to get it back and nothing really working and I think it's because of stress and addiction to games and social media I been trying to limit it to 2 hours a day but it's hard and I need some help getting it back I miss writing so much :( is there anyway for me to get back

I also find it very hard to visualize things even when I'm not writing or reading


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  • Read and imagine what you're reading as you go along or doodle

  • Try reading fantasy or just plain fiction. If you want to write more, get a journal and make a goal to write at least one page every day. A really fun game is to go to a busy place and people watch. Make up lives for people you see, then write them down if you want. Look at the clouds and try to find shapes. Doodle on some paper. The possibilities are endless!

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