If you could choose what NASA did next, what would you most want to see?


  • Drill through Europa's ice and explore the ocean beneath with a submarine probe
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  • Float a dirigible probe in Venus's atmosphere to take long-term atmospheric readings
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  • Build a distributed-array space telescope capable of visualizing Earth-sized planets in other star systems to seek out alien life
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  • Build a manned research station on Mars
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  • Build a probe which can land on Titan and poke that weird-ass... thing in the hydrocarbon sea which appears and disappears in satellite photos with a stick
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  • Shut down
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  • Other (comment)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Shut down. Stop spending billions on sending machines to space just to tell us that Mars has got some rocks on it. Spend the money on sorting out the problems we have on Earth. Like helping the homeless, saving those starving to death, helping people in 3rd world countries to have a better healthier life. better support for the troops when they come home from fighting a war and all the other billions of things wrong with this planet.

    • Fuck that.

    • Hahhaha, compare NASA's budget with the through panic and stupid actions justified military budget America has. xD

    • I believe it's NASA's job to explore space. Isn't this the reason it was founded. There are other organizations and people who try to do all the things you listed. I believe we should explore space. After all resources on this planet are being used in great amounts, so if we won't kill each other, the lack of resources will.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Uuh, why are you going anon mode when you're posing such an awesome question?

    I thought about it for a while, and I'd rather have them extent their searches further out, as even though there's still unbelievably much to explore in our own system, the secrets are assumed to "smaller" than what's hiding outside :). Just my 2 cents.


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What Girls Said 2

  • We need an American flag on Mars. Two celestial bodies isn't enough!

  • If anything was possible I would like to travel around in space and visit different galaxies.

    • I was going to add "perfect the Caterpillar Drive" to the list, but I ran out of space. 😋

What Guys Said 3

  • Id like them to colonize mars.

  • give me the company

  • Mars seems like the next step however we need to build a moon base first.