What's your unpopular opinion?

What are some unpopular opinions of yours?

-I hate frosting. It ruins everything.
-I hate all this Minion shit. It's so annoying.
-Donald trump is a fucking tool that does not know when to keep his mouth shut.
-The Beetles are over rated.
-Feminism is getting ridiculous now.
-How I Met Your Mother is over rated.
-The USWNT should get paid more than the men's team does.

Also, Pretty Little Liars, One Tree Hill, The Walking Dead, and most romantic movies are so terrible.


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  • The beattles are overrated? Now let's just take a step back for a second, their music very catchy...

    How I Met Your Mother is overrated? Now let's just take a step back for a second... no, no I couldn't agree more.

    So my unpopular opinion (s).

    Game of thrones is overrated.

    I don't think it's alright for someone found not guilty of a felony to be trialed again in civil court.

    The last one (this one has gotten me in trouble a few times)

    Guys should always pay. (one time a male friend of mine ate too much when we were out with a girl, I forgot I had my card on me and I hadn't taken out enough cash to cover gluttony's apetite so, the paid some of the bill, never been so embarassed, I was pretty young at the time but still... no excuse imo).

    • I hate when my boyfriend buys stuff for me. We've been together for a couple years now and there's never been a time that we were out and he let me pay without a fight. I like to pay sometimes lol.

    • Lol, look my first down vote.

      Nothing wrong with buying your boyfriend a gift or treating him, but that's what it should be a treat or a gift in my opinion. I just feel weird it happening any other way because of how I was brought up, that's just how I personally feel so, unless it's happening to me or you are dating my sister I won't judge you lol.

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  • simply having an opinion is normally deemed unpopular on the net O_o
    -i'm pro choice
    -nothing is funnier than a cat eating a lemon
    -bravest warriors > adventure time

  • No, how I met your mother is awesome! You take that back!
    No but I hated the ending, it was up there with lost's!

    I have many unpopular opinions so I shan't say...

  • I'm not really a fan of marriage. I agree with you about How I met Your Mother.

  • I hate most of the people on this website. We're talkin' 94%.

  • - I'm pro-life. Where I lives the majority is pro-choice.
    - Justin Bieber is overrated.

  • I think the Democrats and the Republicans and the Libertarians and the Anarchists and the Communists and the Socialists are all about as bad as one another, just for different reasons.

    I think people associate with parties more to get a cheap moral high than out of principle. They demonize the people of the opposing party to make themselves good by comparison without effort.


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  • -I support Abortion
    -I think prostitution should be legal
    -Masturbation is a healthy activity
    -Community (tv show) is underrated

  • 1. I recently watched Gossip Girls up for a bit and disliked it.

  • Summer is the shittiest season.

  • Little Wayne sucks

  • - him to hot to be with short guys
    - fat people are lazy
    - being short is unattractive
    - religious people are stupid
    - guys who think a girl is flirting just because she's friendly are are narcissistic idiots
    - women who give birth are ruining their bodies

    • The last one is kind of a fact but it's not something to be ashamed of... we kind of need babies.

    • im not saying people shouldn't have babies.. and its naturel and nothing to be ashamed of.. but the fact is that tearing up ypu ladyparts is ruining it, even if its temporary

    • and i ment: im to hot to be with short guys* lol