Is anyone else a nihilist?

As in you believe there is no inerrant purpose to life and that everything is without a true purpose of meaning and that the search for a meaning is pointless. Morality is not static and is dependent on the sociology of the present society.


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  • Completely agree with you on the morals. I disagree with the no purpose part though. Your purpose is to contribute to the survival of society. To increase your own and the rest of societies standards of living. Soldiers fight for the general populous, doctors heal, engineers make, and all this is for other people. We won't here forever, but we can make the ride more convenient for yourself or sacrifice your own for others.

    • Yeah, but why do we do that? What is the purpose?

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    • We seem to be doing a very shitty job. Why do we have money? If that is the purpose, then why aren't we a socialist? Why do we have war? Murder?

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  • I very much disagree with you on the part of morality. There might not be any fixed morals (morals are prescriptions by an authority, such as a holy book) but there is however a set of universally applicable ethical rules that have been important and have been taken as guidelines for a functioning society by all people in all cultures at all times. Now, where do these ethics come from? Very simple: from a basic understanding of reality. If we want to live together peacefully and more or less prosperously - and I take it you won't deny that this is what the majority of human beings strife for - we have to understand that we have to grant other individuals certain freedoms so that these freedoms may also be granted to us and we have to accept that other people will give us certain limitations in our actions, which in turn, they also have to accept in their own actions. In other words: My right to swing my arm ends at your nose and vice versa. The ethical code we have adopted over the millennia as human kind is based on a rational consideration of the consequences of our actions. This is not some kind of religious hogwash dogma, it's a philosophical rule that has been developed over a long time and that is a necessity if we want to live together cooperatively. It is thus no surprise that it has been written down and reformulated since the bronze age. Probably the oldest version we know about is the so-called "golden rule", which says "So in everything, to do others, what you would have them do to you." Interestingly, this is actually a quote from the bible (Matthew 7:12). However - and that's the interesting part - this is one of rare instances where the bible is actually being very secular. Similar ideas have been stated already much earlier by Greek philosophers such as Sokrates. One does not need a god (or gods) to understand this principle of life. If I don't want to be robbed, I probably shouldn't rob other people. The writers of the new testament didn't understand this because they were christians but because they were humans. Much later, German philosopher Immanuel Kant updated and improved this golden rule into his "Categorical Imperative", which said: "Act only according to that maxim whereby you can, at the same time, will that it should become a universal law." And though not everyone might consciously know this by heart, all civilizations on earth understand it and mirror it in their actions. For example: there is no single culture on earth, now

    • or in the past, where murder was/is considered a justifiable or even a good thing to do. There isn't. There might be places on earth where originally good, decent people kill each other for various reasons such as poverty or prejudices (situational morality) but that doesn't mean that a vast majority of the population wouldn't agree to the ethical rule that murder is wrong.

  • I am. Things only have meaning because we give it meaning. Life is just something we expierence, it has no meaning other than what you give it.

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