I work under a feminist?

Wtf this bitch says men in her position make more and its not fair. However she's the last person into the office and she leaves when we do. I've only been here a year and I can tell im going to leap frog her because I show up two hours before her and I work weekends. She will probably call that sexism too. I can tell im going to leap frog a few women because its the same situation with all of them. A few women do work hard and are hungry but they are fresh out of college. So should wayne brady slap a bitch or laugh as I pass them on the left.

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  • So just to get this strait, this particular woman you are talking about is complaining is your manager or boss? or does she work on the same level as you?

    • she's two levels above me but I work closely with her on projects.

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    • Thats what she's saying. But just by observation men in her position work about five hundred more hours a year. Even when she was training me she was showing up an hour late now its two hours late.

    • Oh gosh I get tired of women like this. I agree that women should be paid the same as men if they are doing the same job as the men are doing and are putting out the same level of work but it sounds like she is not so she should not be getting the same pay as the men. She is not delivering what the men are, until she does she does not deserve the same pay.

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  • I know the type, she won't ever blame herself, it's always something else, usually men. Leapfrog and smile. Watch out for manipulative bullshit though.

    • She cusses a lot and tries to draw me into uncomfortable conversations.

    • You seem to know what's up, but I'll say it anyway, be careful man. Next thing you know you've got a sexual harassment complaint and in today's society, that's guilty until proven innocent for men. If it gets more intense, consider a small recorder.