Everyone assumes I have a girlfriend what to do?

Why does everyone assume I have a gf? I just got my braces taken off at the dentist and he says to me "your girlfriend isn't gonna recognize you". And u just go along with it and say "yeah she won't. And I don't even have a girlfriend.
Another time I worked 65 hours in one week and my boss cones uo to me "Oh your girlfriend is gonna love that check". Again I go along with it and say yeah she will. Why do people assume these things? I hate it and it hurts me I don't want to tell them the truth. I'm 24 years old by the way.

Help girls... no responses from any females


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  • Give it back to them. Say something like, "yaa... if only my girlfriend knew I was her boyfriend"... ok maybe that was a bad joke, but just joke at at.

    • Yeah I guess that's not a bad idea.

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  • Welcome to the life of a #good looking guy ^_^ where every girl will assume that you're lying about being single, ask you' "where's your girlfriend at?", try to make you their man via flirting and or physical contact etc. i1127.photobucket.com/.../ezgif.com-add-text.gif

    Your fellow men will also accuse you of being a lady's man or say "damn bruh you look like you get all the girls" if not assume that you already have 8 girls on speed dial HAHA like #WTF.

    "What do you do?" Tell the #truth or put 1 of these #Fangirls on your team aka making them your girlfriend #ShouldBeHard since they actually want to date ya ^_^

    • True bruh I am almost in.

  • I have always found people assume you are in a relationship once you hit a certain age.

  • I guess your a good looking guy. I get that too.

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