(Please read) My dad is a hypocrite and over protective please help?

My dad is the most confusing person ever. He told me once im 18 I can do what I want as long as he knows what it is. I had trouble with him bring way too over protective last year and it seems like it hasn't stopped. Im going crazy. He tells me i can have friends over whenever but then says I can't see them! He knows my boyfriend and says he can come over but acts like he doesn't want him to. My boyfriend and i just watch tv for hrs yet my dad thinks its a bother... even though my dad does nothing but talk on the phone all day with ONE of his 70 year old girlfriends.. I barely get attention! Then he wants me home at like 7 but tells me I can leave whenever I want (like 2am) as long as I tell him. But when I leave late and let him know, I get yelled at! Im so stressed over this why is he doing this i dont want an answer like: oh he's just being a dad.. This is too much.. And I hate when he tells me to be responsible when he is driving drunk with me in the car sometimes its ridiculous! My dad is 64 but anyways... Please help me on how to deal with this, thank you!


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  • It does sound like he is overly protective of you and when he thinks about what you can do he is fine with it. However when he sees you doing these things he does not like it anymore.
    My Father is a hypocrite as well. He yells at me about things, even though he does things way worse before hand.
    I have read that some parents later on after children start to resent their children because of how much they are offered, or have available to them. In other words, they resent us because we have a better life than they do.


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  • yea its hypocritical. just tell him. "hey man you said i have all this freedom you can't take it away, its freedom"

  • get a job and move out like everyone else
    if you dont want that, deal with it

    at least you have a dad

    • But i dont have a mom and i guess..

    • My mom would yell at him to stop treating me like crap. Now she's gone so he won't stop treating me like crap

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