What can I do about this? I'm confused GaGers?

So... I've know this guy... We were on and off relationship wise. Then we became friends with benefits. Lastly we became friends. Now... He proposed to me and I dont know how to feel about it... Our relationships never worked out because he would use me. But now he says he loves me, he wants to marry me and have a future with me. I am in total shock. I nearly fainted lol what do you all think of this? I really need some input here.

In one of my questions I blab about how I'm scared of marriage lol
Resolution: I told him No.


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  • Too much, too unexpected. Dangerous behavior i'd say.


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  • you are too young to get married i think (from personal experience) to someone you are confused about...

    I think you should tell him to ask you again later and spend some time as a couple and see how you go... then it won't be such a confusing transition... x


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  • This is a bit too sudden for you. I suggest you reset the clock and start from the beginning again. Start dating as if you had only just met. It might seem strange going over old ground, but on the way you might iron out any issues you had before. if and when you find these issues, deal with them at the time. Go no further until any differences are reconciled.

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