Is it me or do a lot of Dutch women (women from The Netherlands/Holand) have a very good sense of humor/humour?

I have a Pen Pal account on Interpals. net and whenever I look for women in the Netherlands (Not to date them if that's what you're thinking), I read their profile decription and I could it just help it when I burst out laughing at their personalities. Not only do a lot of Dutch women look cute and beautiful but I think they're also pretty funny.

Is it just me or do a lot of them possess a good sense of humor/humour?

  • A lot of them actually do have a good sense of humor/humour.
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  • It's just you.
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  • Nobody pays attention to Dutch people so I wouldn't know


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  • I think most dutch have a very quirky sense of humour and I enjoy their company.


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