What is my father doing with this woman?

There's this woman my father has met and he texts her all the time, he goes to her place a fair bit. He spent all day with her on the weekend: went to IKEA and bought some garbage and came home with her. Made her some food with wine and then watched some movie with her.
He helped her move some stuff.
I just don't trust his motives. He claims they are friends. But, he has always been abusive and has told several major lies during my childhood and adulthood. He even lied about my mother (who has now passed on).



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  • maybe there's something going on between them..

    • when he watched the movie with her, they were just sitting next to each other. It's weird though because he's only known her for like 2 months and she's come to where I live (I live with him at the moment). Also, he cooked food for her, he never did that for my mother. And candlelit dinner is odd behaviour.

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    • And he told me off for going out with someone who is 21 when I am 28 eeek

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  • What do you think he is doing? From your writing it sounds like he met someone that he likes and she likes him. They could be friends or more than friends. Does it matter? Is it that you don't want him to move on? Maybe have a talk with him; express yourself and feelings.


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  • Sounds like he is interested in her. Maybe even wants to date her. Why does this bother you so much? Are you afraid he will be mean to her?

    • Because he never did those things for my mother and also he is the type to just kick me out on the street

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    • Yeah, I will move in time. And I know he traps people in. But the thing is, this woman has had a previous relationship where her husband was controlling like he is: so she wouldn't put up with it the second time. Furthermore, she seems to be the type that would take him for every cent he has.

    • Maybe that is karma on the way to bite him in the ass. Perhaps she already sees the monster and is set on teaching him a lesson. I don't know. But I do hope you find a place and have some reprieve from your father.

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