Are there any GAG girls here under 5Ft tall? Do you like being shorter than average? Has anyone ever made you feel Inadequate? How?

I have always been attracted to shorter women. I find shorter women with sass and confidence to be incredibly sexy!!!


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  • I'm 4'11. It both sucks balls and is a blessing. I mean, of course you look cute because of your size, but everyone sees you as delicate (especially me because I'm petite). Also everybody feels the need to try and pick me up/pat my head/pinch my cheeks. Some people just make me feel like I have no sex appeal because I'm "too cute." But it's cool cause guys are a lot taller than me and I have tiny feet because of my size, so I can fit kids shoes!


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  • It's not fun.

    • Could you elaborate? "Not fun" in what sense? Is it because you have difficulties reaching or doing things that are designed primarily for taller people or is because of the way others treat you?

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