I drop off a package on Saturday at the ups drop box! I haven't had any updates on my tracking and it tuesday?

I know that ups does not pick up on Saturday unless it air but I was hoping it was tracking. I don't know what to do. I went today to see if it said picked up and it says it hasn't been picked up.


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  • Every time I've dropped a package in the UPS box I get a confirmation within 24 hours. I would reach out to them if I were in your shoes. UPS does a very good job of communicating with clients from what I have seen.

    • I just got an update. They picked it up today eventhough I sent it on sat and they should have picked it up on Monday. Do you know why that happen?

    • I'm not sure, I do know that there are certain drop-off spots that they don't pick up on a daily basis. My guess is that you put it in one of those.

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