Does any of you study psychology or know about it?

Does any of you study psychology or know about it? i need to ask some kinda short, very short questions :)


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  • Every single person I've ever known who became interested in psychology had mental problems. And after studying psychology they only dwelled on those problems and let them control their lives, plus tried to medicate themselves with pills which turns them into freaking zombies. Ugh. Avoid psychologists. I'm crazy and have problems but I don't let it control my life or pill myself up til my brain melts.

    • im not interested in psychology, i just wanna learn some stuff.

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    • Lets just say I've been around enough crazy people to diagnose the more common problems...

    • I doubt you actually know a lot about psychology. Normal psychologists are not even allowed to prescribe medications, those are psychiatrists. Also, there are various fields in psychology. There are people such as Psychiatrists who for example treat people with personality disorders but there are also psychologists who do marriage or family councelling, which is what my mom does, there are psychological therapists who work mostly with individuals in difficult life situations (something like a personal coach), there are psychologists who don't treat anyone because they research the field on an academic level and perhaps conducts studies, there are psychologists who work for big companies in fields such as market research and consumer psychology etc. etc. It's silly to just generalize everyone. I know a lot of psychologists because my mom is one and obviously her colleagues and none of them has personal issues that exceed the realm of what's considered "normal" (everyone has some issue).

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  • Psychology is my major so I know some things about it.

  • I've taken psych classes for like 6 years (although im not qualified in anything) and have studied humans my entire life

    • and you're 19 ?

    • yeah - to be more accurate I took 6 psych classes, a sociology class, and some philosophy classes on top of having a deep intrest, personal studies, and acute observation of humans I've met so far. My perspective is limited, but I think I also know my limits

  • I know somethings about it

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