80s music poll: Favorite album by Dr. Feelgood?

A band dat started as a pub-rock band in da 70s…keepin some minor success in da 80s…not much though. My fav would be “classic”…coz it was more AOR-ish than da rest :D

  • A Case of the Shakes
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  • Fast Women and Slow Horses
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  • Doctor's Orders
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  • Mad Man Blues
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  • Brilleaux
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  • Classic
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  • I went on a Spotify session of Dr. Feelgood and listened to a bunch of their songs. I've heard of Dr. Feelgood before, but who knows, maybe I was just getting confused with the Motley Crew album name.

    My favorite album out of Dr. Feelgood is actually Down By The Jetty. I was very glad to see a cover of John Lee Hooker's Boom Boom on it, one of my favorite songs to do guitar improve on. Also it has my (so far) favorite Dr. Feelgood song on there, I Don't Mind. It reminds of a sped up Bo Diddley beat that Buddy Holly and Bo Diddley used. I always loved the swing of the beat it threw on songs and how catchy it made them.

    Out of the only the ones you mentioned though (the 80s music), Classic is my favorite. I don't know why, but Hurricane in the verse reminds me of an 80s version of Sultans of Swing. From my album, that's my favorite song. Classic seemed to be a time where the band stepped away from the early swing reminiscent of the 50s and rockabilly stuff and went to straight 8th note rock. The only song that has swing to it is Highway 61 from what I can tell.
    Plus Classic has some of that sick 80s guitar tone with the chorus effect added (the Duran Duran sound haha). Oh, and harmonica/guitar solos galore. Other favorites from the album include Don't Estimate Your Enemy (I like the drive of the song) and Lights of Downtown (I really like the chorus and bridge).

    • yeah Classic was their most 80s-ish album indeed... that's y i liked it more hahaha

      my fav track from classic would definetely be "Break These Chains"... it was typical AOR tune... and "Hurricane" and "I Wanna Make Love To You" wee great as well

  • I am not sure I remember them from the 1980s when I looked on Youtube the song I recognised was "Milk and Alcohol" from 78/79 era.

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