Batman or Superman?

Just a simple question that deserves a simple answer :). (Or you can get really elaborate and write an essay if you want...)
And also, this is happening:

Opinions on the movie anyone? What do you expect from it? It's either going to be awesome or it will go down in flames :/

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  • I usually don't like either of them, but if I had to pick it would be Superman
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  • I usually don't like either of them, but if I had to pick it would be Batman
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Well well, apparently more folks like Battie


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  • Neither. Superman is overpowered. He is essentially a walking plot-device with no weaknesses. In fact, for this reason his creators had to actually come up with a weakness so as to be able to add at least something to the story - kryptonite, which in and of itself is a plot device. Superman is boring. Why root for a hero that you are 100% sure will win anyway?
    Batman is no better. He's supposedly the polar opposite of superman (except he's not a villain of course). He's been labeled as an everyman who achieved a lot and is like a symbol for others to follow when they know they can't live up to be like Superman. But even then Batman as a character falls short- he has more degrees than the holder of most degrees ever, he is a master of a hundred or so martial arts and fluent in a dozen if not more languages. I hope I don't have to mention how none of that is humanly possible to achieve whilst also maintaining a multi-billion company and being a vigilante at night.

    • EXACTLY. I really don't know how anyone can pull off a Batman vs Superman fiasco when its kind of obvious what can happen. Superman is unrealistic.

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  • I dislike batman's voice

    • I've heard people who say he has the "sore throat" voice..

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What Guys Said 4

  • Batman wins because he is Batman. End of discussion.

    • Interesting theory lol

    • It's not a theory.

      It's a fact.

      It's the law.

      Superman < Batman

    • Ohhh I see how it is. ):D there is no batman vs superman, there is no superman, there is just batman :D

  • Supes is an annoying goody goody with insane super powers that ought to make the rest of DCU an afterthought.

    Batman is a complex character with the best rogue's gallery in comics, and his parallels with Joker are really incredible in the hands of good writers.

    • I feel like people have more to relate to with Batman because he IS a character that can be perceived in real life. Superman is just a figment. I'm interested to see how this movie will end when Supes can supposedly defeat Batman on the limb

  • Batman. Superman doesn't even have a proper alter ego. He puts on some glasses and behaves like a jackass, while Batman is a millionaire.
    The real question is Batman or Iron Man?

    • Ahhhh syke XD. I continue to believe that superman is unrealistic (since he supposedly can accomplish anything :/) I'm curious to see how this new movie is gonna turn out. And yes, the question is Batman or Iron Man?

    • In that case I would say Iron Man (having in mind R. D. Juniors excellent performance).

    • Well, there you go :)

  • Birdman all day


What Girls Said 3

  • Batman All day

  • Brain over lazer eyes

  • Batman. Superman is gay.