Is Hillary Clinton racist?

  • Yes - isn't it obvious?
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  • No - I have seen no evidence or racist behavior
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  • I haven't heard anything yet.

  • Are you a troll?

  • Everyone's racist

  • It's typically the Republicans who are racist, so no.

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    • @creepycreeper he blocked me so I'll respond here: Donald Trump was talking about Mexicans in general. You should watch his whole speech on the Daily Show. He really is a racist. So much so that many people in the Latino community are cutting all funding to him. Even Ricky Martin stopped doing business with Trump because of the horrible things he's said about Mexicans.

    • "His whole speech on the Daily Show". You actually believe that bullshit? Jon Stewart makes a living out of deceptive edits, mugging for the camera, saying "Bush lied", and telling people who prove he is a left wing nutjob and a list to "go fuck themselves".

  • Maybe. She IS white though, right?

    All I know is she is an empty, lifeless person that takes on a personality that fits with whatever crowd she happens to be speaking in front of.

    • You mean she's a politician

    • Sure, but I haven't seen anyone quite as bad as her about it.

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