Why is finding a car so hard?

I'm looking for. A small car, that's great in gas. I'm considering a 2005 Honda civc or a Chevy cobalt coupe. But its like I can't find either one if these cars in Michigan, anyone want to help? I'm freaking out!


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  • Out of those two picks the Honda wins hands down. It will be way more reliable than the Chevy. However, for the best reliability you really want a Toyota.

    • Toyota's also are very good with not using much gas to.

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    • Thank you for MHA. :) Did you decide on which car?

    • No, not yet

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  • Buying a car that is 10 years old or more will likely cause you headaches regardless of what you buy.

    If you're buying used and you're on a budget. You can't always be picky about the car you want. Start expanding your search.


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