I'm not even sure how research information on this issue, I need tech/internet/facebook savvy peeps?

I blocked a stalker on facebook over two years ago. I started playing a mobile game through facebook on my phone yesterday. I've never tried this game before. This game hasn't been out more than two years. When I went to add friends, there he was added as a friend on the app, listed among added facebook friends who play the app. Yes, he is still blocked, so how is this possible? No, there is no way he's had his hands on my phone, and my facebook account requires a text code verification to login.


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  • you should message facebook.

    • They claimed it's a 3rd party app and thus the issue is not on their end, and the app developers claim that they cannot interfere with the facebook block feature. Basically they're both pointing at the other party saying it's their fault.