What should I do I really need help?

my best guy friend keeps telling me he loves me but I have a boyfriend already and my best friend knows I have a boyfriend but he keeps telling me he loves me and I told him I just want to be friend but he keeps trying and he calls my boyfriend a jerk which he's never meet my boyfriend.


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  • Well well well this friend of yours is a typical fuck boy... he doesn't respect you or your relationship!! Its a huge red glag cause this guy will try to ruin your relationship with your BF!

    He is a jealous guy who is ignorant...
    You should cut him off from your life...
    Tell him that he needs to stop saying all that or he will never see you again...

  • Well do you love him back. Fuck all if you have a boyfriend thats not portant.

    • I love him as a friend and only a friend

    • Then let him know but realize you will most liky lose him altogether.

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