If a guy sees you have no friends/loner/outcast/his friends won't respect him for being with someone so anti-social and ditches you?

Would he ever realize how hurting that is?

I'm more beautiful AND smart than most girls combined. Yet I'm closed up like fuck.

I opened up to the one person I thought might be worth it, and he's actually worse than all of them combined.


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  • The first few months I knew my crush, I thought she had just moved here, and she had very few friends, and no social media, and she was kinda awkward, but not that shy with me at least. And I liked all that about her.

    But all of that has been proven false for the most part. But I still like her...

    • what do you mean by all of that has been proven false for the most part?

    • She's lived here longer than I have (she had a Minnesota area code so I thought she had just moved)

      She has lots of friends and every time we hung out she's seen someone she knows (she always talked about how she ate lunch by herself so i thought I was one of her few friends)

      She has a Twitter and Instagram (and her Twitter has like 700+ followers, and that seems pretty high to me but I fucking hate Twitter)

      I've seen things she's posted on Twitter and they make it seem like she's not shy or awkward at all (but in person she still acts a little awkward sometimes, at least around me... is that a good thing?)

      So yeah I think there are still many mysteries I have yet to find out about.

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  • Who cares. He probably has a small dic so.. who cares.


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  • I'm attracted to "outsiders". They tend to have their own opinions where cliques pretty much have the same opinion about everything

  • and smarter*


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