Ankle getting worse! Scared!! What do I do?

I don't feel safe anymore. My ankle has been hurting for over a month, I went to my primary care doctor for it about a month ago. They said I didn't need an X ray or crutches which makes no sense to me. I even asked the medical assistant if I need crutches and said all the other times I hurt one of my ankles I had to depend on crutches for a month and had an X ray done. I've sprained both of my ankles numerous times and I don't know what I did this time but somethings wrong with it. I stopped spraining my left ankle years ago it seems. And eversince November 2011, I've had an injury/problem with my right ankle 3 times. The last 2 times were spraining it with stairs and now it's a mystery injury. But my ankle hasn't gotten better, it's been over a month, I've had swelling, the pain is almost non stop literally now, and it's gotten worse lately because the pain has increased and it feels really weak and loose like it's gonna totally twist again which means worse injury. And I go back to my primary care doctor next Friday but I'm soo scared where I feel like crying when I need to go to bed soon. What do I do? 😢😭😪 and I'm in a job program that involves a lot of walking and standing


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  • My advice would be to try and rest it whenever possible when your at home. Also you have to try and keep it loose and strong. Also do you take vitamins and drink milk? Also you should ice it or put a warm pouch on it. I hope it heals and I hope you get better. I rolled my ankles to so I know the pain your going through. :(

    • Ok. Thank you. I don't know how to accomplish that. I don't know if I'd need physical therapy or anything. Yes, I take multivitamin supplements every morning and I used to drink milk but I started having almond milk instead. And thank you. It does suck

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    • Thank you

    • Your very welcome. :)

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