Which 1 of these guys is testosterone a blessing for? Which 1 of these guys is testosterone a curse for? I wonder if anyone can answer this?

Which one? And why?

Guy 1 . confident , great personality but makes little money and is frightfully unattractive

Guy 2 Super attractive , really bad personality and makes good money

Guy 3. Attractive horrible personality and makes alright money

Guy 4 morbidly obese, but awesome personality and makes minimum wage

Man gagers can't handle my questions lol.


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  • Is this a trick question?

    Testosterone levels do not affect the amount of money you'll make, and your personality would only be affected a little by it, as there are many other environmental and biological factors to account for.

    Attractiveness is just genetics. Testosterone levels will make it easier to grow beards and build muscle, but it isn't the one thing that determines your looks, there are so many hormones that participate with that.

    So I guess Guy 2 is utilizing it better than Guy 1.

    • Didn't say it did , I'm saying which guy is it a curse/blessing for. Having a high sex drive would only benefit guy #2

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    • Ben franklin had money and political status aka money and power... I'm pretty sure if he didn't have that, he would've been just another fat bald guy invisible to women.

    • As much as the history buff in me wants to explain how common it was for French women to essentially get in friends with benefits relationships during the time, often getting into trouble for having said relationships with those of less wealth and power, I rather not. If you're convinced that money and status makes the man, I couldn't care less, I just disagree.

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  • first of all who cares about how much he makes? anyway...

    guy #1 seems better overall. guys #2,#3 have shitty personality so who cares how they look... guy #4 is in a life-danger situation probably... so yeah guy #1 is a little better... even if he's ugly... he could make it up wid confidence and great personality

  • Guy 2 is the best off, followed by guy 3, then guy 4 since he has the potential to lose weight, guy 1 is fucked since his ugliness is likely a result of bones structure which he's stuck with.