Good Reads for a 19 Year Old Who Still Enjoys Teen Books?

So I turned 19 in March and since my birthday (I got $250 gift card to Chapters) I've been reading A LOT! But now that I am out of school and everything, I am having no one recommend me good books anymore :(

So, I've turned to online. Let me tell you a bit about my reading preferences...

Fiction is a must. Reading anything non-fiction I find just depressing because real stories usually don't have a happy ending. I'm very emotional so I enjoy books that pull at my emotions however - as long as I know it's fake :) Although I am nineteen, I quite enjoy teen novels (Pretty Little Liars, The Uglies, House of Night) but also enjoy young adult books as well (The Enemy, Fifty Shades of Grey, etc.) I am looking for a nice in between now. Nothing too kid-ish, but also nothing to complex that I won't enjoy, like old literature. My favorite genres would probably be sci-fi/fantasy and romance but I'm all ears and willing to give anything a try if you're really eager about a suggestion, fiction or not :) One last thing, although I am not apposed to "single" novels, I do 100% prefer trilogies or series.

Let me know and thank you in advance everyone :D <3


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  • Do you have a goodreads account? It's much easier to find good books there, I personally would die without it :))
    So, if you're into fiction, fantasy-romance, and new adult series (from what I got from your description) you should try like anything written by Colleen Hoover, I love this woman. I recommend the 'Slammed' series. She also has great stand-alone novels like Maybe Someday.
    The Lux series is great, it's fantasy combined with romance and it's absolutely awesome.
    On Dublin street series is very interesting, it's romance.
    If you liked 50 Shades you'll surely like Crossfire series.
    One of my favourite series is Rock Chick by Kristen Ashley, it's contemporary romance.
    So that's what crossed my mind, I hope you'll like something from here.


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  • Maybe Narnia?


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  • If you like mystery I would read ann Perry's charolete and Thomas Pitt series. The first book might be a little slow but it's still good.

  • Check out Lois Duncan's books and Christopher Pikes!

    I liked Devilish (forgot the author's name), The Collector (I think the author's name starts with J) , Mad in Love, Devoted, Etc

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