Three Days Grace or Falling In Reverse?

What band do you think is better Three Days Grace or Falling In Reverse? Vote 👇

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  • Are we talking Three Days Grace before Adam left or after?

    • Three Days Grace now currently

    • Hmmm I do think Three Days Grace sounded much better with Adam. Adam had a more unique voice and One-X was flippin awesome. Even with today's singer though, I think Three Days Grace is still a bit better than Falling in Reverse. Falling in Reverse has some catchy melodies in their songs, but the singer has some weird accent thing that throws me off. Three Days Grace is heavier than Falling in Reverse and fits my personal taste more. FIR isn't bad, I just like TDG better.

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  • My vote goes for Three Days Grace.


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  • Falling in reverse is 2nd in "most awful bands" only to blood on the dance floor lol

    So by that logic... three does it for me

  • Not even a contest. one X is a perfect albums


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