Macbeth auditions help, I dont really know who to audition for... lol help?

ok my community college is doing macbeth in January 2016 but this language is freaking hard, i want a speaking role but not a part that talks a whole lot in the play, the director knows me casue I've been in plays before but i know they are gonna wanna give me speaking role casue i have a really deep voice with athleic build. she usally uss me as combat roles or like in the last play antigone i played one of the brothers who die and i played the messenger but i dont wana do that again lol im watching the macbeth play right now but i dont really know who to go out for


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  • I love Antigone <3 (Classics student here, so that caught my attention!) Maybe try auditioning to be one of the murderers? They speak, but not very much, and if you're used for more threatening and combat roles, that might work for you :)

    • yea she always uses me for the combat/ threatening/ dying roles, i might jsut get that role as one of the murders tbh casue my voice is like insanely loud and carries its to tthe point i can't even talk on stage casue it echos in the last play (antigone) where i talk about death and stuff after the first opening night during the 2nd act they had to take my mic away casue it was far to loud

    • I think that the murderer would be good for you then :) You might also be able to play the messenger, though I think that's a little lengthier part than one of the murderers.

    • yea im feelong the murders the messenger isn't all tht bad from script looks like he has one part haha

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  • Banquo would be good unless you think he has too many lines. Macduff would also be good especially as he has a brilliant fight scene with Macbeth at the end. If you want a smaller role then maybe Lennox. Hope this helps.


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  • Macduff?

    "Lay on, Macduff,. And damned be him that first cries, “Hold, enough!” "