Have you ever had an awkward moment when people thought you were lying?

Mine was when I was with my nephew he was a 1 year old when it happend I was minding my own business walking around the store I had him on my hip so we could explore anyway people would stop and say how cute he was then than ask me if he was my baby. I'd say no but then they would think I was a lier because my nephew would start saying "mama". Then they would give me this look like "Are you kiding me denying your baby" and I was 17 at the time add to the fact that I have a baby face = people thinking I was a reaaaaallly young mother ( nothing wrong with that).
Anyway that was my awkward moment I still think about to this day my little nephew was trolling hard 😭


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  • probably "mama" was da only word he knew. LOL

    but being 17 and having a baby face means u were lookin lke...14-15? if that's so, personally i'd assume he's just yer little sibling or cousin.. definetely not baby :p


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