Part-time at starbucks?

I want to get a part-time job at starbucks but my parents are againts it cause they think its not where i belong. They want me to go to university (im going to be taking law major) this year cause i haven't done anything productive in almost a year, but i dont want to i want to go next year instead. I want to explore the world plus I want to do it cause i want to know how it feels like to be a lower-middle class people (in where i am only people who are from that class works at starbucks) and i also what to know how it feels like to have a job. Like hanging out with people who has to take public transportation everywhere or ride a motorcycle (not ducati or harley of course). What do you think I should do?

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  • I don't think that's the place you should take experience from, work as a low end worker isn't anything worth to brag about, for most of people just a stopgap and a bitter memory.
    those who said a ground job could improve your social skill or attitude, for those people i would say no one can't change theirsleve, you just being trained to act in a way and suppress the nature of you. and if you under the suppression too long, that's follwing the depression and frustration. do you no good.
    find a job because it means anything to you even you do it for nothing, not because people said everyone had done it before and if you don't blend in, you would feel like being pushed out.
    plus who ever works in these place i guarantee they have a resent for the people comese from wealthy family. and they pretty much miscellaneous. think about it it may involved doing something makes you uncomfortable, sexual harassment,.

    • It will be a different story if there's a sexual harassment. Im going to sue them, we have a family lawyer so its not a big deal if we want to sue people. And he is very good at his job, rarely loose a case

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    • And why do ghetto hates rich people?

    • i know wealthy people has their problem, bu what i trying to say is the poor one seems have no way to run away from it. and the richer one has more choice when it comes to dealing problem and some of them chose the bad side of the flip.
      image this world the fortune was born with equal long time ago, everyone gets the same share and they're happy about it. but some people have a better brain than the others, so they seemed to fill the pocket a little quicker than the other, and after generations, there are rich and poor, and the poor thinks the rich's ancients took the fortune away from their ancient, which is the reason they're in this end. so for someone they think stole things from them and let them to rot without a helping hand , how you say they would be fond of rich people?

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  • You're an adult now and you can make your own choice to work or not. Prioritize what you should do and if you have time for the part time job without sacrificing efficiency for school then go for it.

    All my friends sisters that ever worked as a barista always had decent tips if they were social and friendly.

  • You want to experience lower middle class? What is that!
    Are you kidding! This is real life for some people this isn't some experiment you can do for fun...

    And by the way being a barista is hell, been there done that.

  • Choose the university. Starbucks isn't gonna get you very far, University will.


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  • I'd suggest you to get it.

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