What's your opinion on immagration?

Can't help but to notice that most immigration is non white mirgrants into majority white nations. Weather it be the US Csnada Austraila New Zealand or Europe, all have immagration. What do you think about this fact do you think it will destroy the white european culture while leaving the non white cultures the same. Do you think this is good or bad.

  • I believe in totally open boarders without any checkpoints world wide.
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  • I believe we need more diversity but not open boarders.
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  • I believe we need immigrants who can fit in our culture. A european immigrant to a western nation like the US for example
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  • No immagration at all.
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  • Throughout human history humans have migrated to the safest and most livable areas of the planet at the time. That's what's happening now and is what has always happened. The western majority white countries have the best standards of living and its regrettable to say this but the reason for that is the white culture.

    The more non white Muslims, wild mexicans and weird Chinese people we let in, the more it will eat away at the good white culture and the whole world will just become a cesspit of 3rd world shit just like it is where the immigrants come from.

    • Well aren't you a dick

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    • white power

    • how the fuck is this most helpful lmao? you seem to be well established through a couple generations in the usa, doesn't mean other people aren't allowed to seek the same sort of comfort.

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  • The only people able to judge immigration are original Americans.



    • Actually there were white people in America thousands of years before so called native Americans. The oldest Skelton found was a european.(Kennewick man.) The first people in the Americas were a french people called soultreans.

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    • A DNA study announced in June 2015 concluded that "Kennewick Man is closer to modern Native Americans than to any other population worldwide" and that genetic comparisons show "continuity with Native North Americans over at least the last eight millennia"

    • Actually, the Solutrean hypothesis sees DNA similarities between Turks and groups of American Indians.
      Since Turkey too was populated partially from Central Asia (the Uighurs stayed there) all it proves is a common Asian origin. ( look up the Behring Strait crossing.)

      No French involved.
      The rest is just white supremacy BS.

  • Problems only arise when the immigrants don't integrate and then expect us to adhere to their customs. Muslims in Britain come to mind. I hope that it won't happen in my country.

  • I believe immigration isn't the problem with the world. I know that the more immigration and diversity there is, the more xenophobia there is but that's down to ignorance. All these imaginary borders are causing wars.

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  • Man I don't give a fuck as long as they got bad hoes I'm all for it

  • anyone should be legally allowed to immigrate to the usa regardless of skin color, ethnicity. why does "white European culture" seem like the only thing the USA should have a majority of? America was created by migrants (in a sense) who were looking for a better way of life. anyone should get that legal chance. i think as long as they don't harbor ill intent, they are free to come here by legal means. but to say that only europeans should be allowed pretty much speaks white supremacy lol. it will just show how, just as before, white people remain the majority and "preferred". thats just not right. Obviously borders should be regulated.

    • Because if they don't fit in they don't fit in. Diversity is our weakness I think.

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    • "hat causes non white people to mirgrate into white nations like the us." you do realize that you are then advocating for white supremacy.

    • Supremely is when you rule I've others not when you want to be left alone.