The Weeknd; do you like him?

The artist Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd; do you like him / his music? Personaly I've had his stuff on repeat constantly, cannot get enough. Kiss Land (the whole CD), The Hills, Often, just all of them.

If you've never heard of him YouTube "The Weeknd- Often" or "The Weeknd- The Hills".

  • He's amazing. I cannot get enough.
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  • He's alright. But I prefer ____ (stated in the comments)
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  • No he sucks
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  • Who's The Weeknd?
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  • his new stuff makes me want to cry, it's not as good as it used to be although it's still pretty good.
    I prefer the old mixtape days when he had songs like "Coming Down", "Same Old Song" and "High For This".
    He's still one of my favourite artist though.

  • Yes! He's amazing. I love his songs. So good. :)

  • No he is too whiny.

  • he's alright.


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